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The researchers carried out indoor experiments with

All snakes undulate when they move across the ground, but flying snakes also do it in the air.don strictly need to undulate to fall, so that leads to the question then why are they undulating,’ said Yeaton.One hypothesis was that it was a base motor pattern for snakes built in over millions of years, but Yeaton said they now understand the undulation stabilizes the glide and stops the snake from tumbling, as well as allowing them to cover more horizontal distance.The researchers carried out indoor experiments with live snakes at Virginia Tech and also developed a computational model. A big step forward, said Yeaton.The next stage for researchers is to observe snakes jumping from trees or gliding outdoors, Yeaton said, as well as investigating how they generate lift and how they turn in the air.He told CNN snakes are organisms and there are plenty more mysteries to be solved.soon as you watch it you like does it do that?’ said Yeaton, who added that this might be why so many people are afraid of the reptiles.have a visceral response to snakes, he said. The idea that this animal can then fly is very unsettling to people.

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Investigators at MSK are continuing to focus on the influence of nutrition, integrative medicine, and exercise in improving patients’ well being during and after treatment as well as their cancer outcomes. Digital health and telemedicine are another exciting frontier in cancer management and research, Dr. Norton says.

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Our best player, Bruins defenseman Charlie McAvoy said. Just steps up when it matters and we have all the faith in the world in him. He our rock. It’s a major commuter highway, that is rarely (if ever) patrolled by any policing units, so a person walking on the roadside, waving a phone around, is not un common. There are NO call boxes on this stretch of hwy, there is no reception for any carrier in that area and the towns are twenty miles apart. So if your car breaks down, help won’t be coming for a while..

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