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You work hard to keep your smile looking great by

You can purchase a measuring tape and do all the required estimations yourself. This is to be sure an incredible instrument to complete every one of the things. Measure everywhere throughout the underpants, hips, midsection, and waist. The thrill in visiting this place is that it is quite remote and to access the island you have to cross over on a raft.And if this is not exciting enough, you always have the Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary to spot plenty of elephants, deer and monkeys.The elephants including huge tuskers roam around freely within the sanctuary and sometimes, even on the roads leading to it. You can take a Jeep Safari to spot other wild beasts or choose to ride an elephant itself.3) Discover the Neolithic ageImage Credits: Rahul Ramdas under CC by SA 3.0Wayanad is home to the Eddekal caves that seem to trace back the to the Early Man age. There are plenty of inscriptions within the caves that suggest the same.

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