Aseem Trading Corporation - A renowned name in developing and marketing of PTFE products We provide solutions to all larger & small industries. High quality standards and continuous improvements has been our policy.

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We introduce a new concept in industrial Floor Drain Traps. It is a perfect substitute of the conventional fabricated traps used inR & D centers,Pharmaceuticals [Bulk Drug / Formulation], Healthcare, Food and Biotech industries

Drain Trap Part :
1. Drain Top
2. Top Removable Cover Plate
3. Parforated Strainer Plate
4. Drain Sump
5. Main DrainBaske
6. Secondary Drain Basket
7. End-Piece

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HDPE Floor Drain Trap:

»Alembic Limited.
»Alkem Laboratories Limited.
»Ankur Drugs and Pharma Limited.
»Astra Lifecare Pvt. Limited.
»Ayurvet Limited.
»Cachet Pharma Limited.
»Cadila Pharmaceuticals Limited.
»Cipla Limited.
»Colgate Palmolive Limited.
»Comed Pharmaceuticals Limited.
»Copmad Pharmaceuticals Limited.
»Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Limited.
»G S Pharmbutor Pvt. Limited.
»G.S. Dev. & Cont. Pvt. Limited
»Galpha Laboratories Limited.
»Gena Pharmaceuticals Limited
»Helios Pharmaceuticals Limited.
»Hetero Labs Limited.
»Ind-Swift Limited.
»Medinex Laboratories Pvt. Limited.
»Mega Fine Pharma P. Limited.
»Paras Pharmaceuticals Limited.
»Sun Pharmaceuticals Limited.
»Swiss Garnier Life Sciences.
»Tonira Pharma Limited.
»Wockhardt Limited.
»Zydus Cadila Healthcare Limited.
»Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd
»Wallace Pharma Limited
»Panacea Biotech Limited

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