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The thing is, when the IAU does get its act

The economic growth that defined the postwar boom staggered in the 1970s. When it resumed, it distributed wealth in ways that exacerbated economic inequality. Economic inequality weakened the middle class that long served as malls’ customer base. Letting astronomers loose on the galaxy is just asking for trouble. They need coordinating. The thing is, when the IAU does get its act together, they are really good.

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I think I have a “vintage moment” a few times each day. I like to collect some of the empty packets, jars and tins that our regular groceries come in. Some of the packaging is beautifully made and looks great as an object. Real outcome of the actual game, big team beats small team, is nothing special. How many tickets would you sell? People would not be impressed with that. The omission is what makes the movie great and gave my book the basis it has.

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It’s a jumble of seven or eight faces collaged together. Supergirl’s cape is flying freely behind her back but the logo covers her face and upper torso. Superman himself does make an appearance. Information and reading materials are readily available to all of us today, via the internet, smartphones and tablets. A person can easily find books on attitude adjustment and attitude training. By giving these concepts a try, all you have to loose is maybe high blood pressure or cardiovascular complications.

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