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“The key thing is not to stop the treatment

“If they happen to contaminate the tip of the bottle by touching their eye accidentally, then it may make sense to replace the bottle or wipe down the tip with an alcohol swab,” he says. “The key thing is not to stop the treatment. If at any point they feel that the vision is deteriorating quickly, they should again contact their ophthalmologist or an ophthalmic emergency department such as the Royal Victoria Eye and Ear Hospital, the Mater Public Hospital or the regional hospitals with an eye department..

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While the fundamentals are the same as the children’s game, “Ultimate Tag” would hardly be a prime time series without a few twists. So there are five variations on the game, which six contestants face each week. Taggers chase down would be winning contestants in an obstacle course perfect for parkour stunts, or while climbing across a dome suspended 30 feet in the air, or in a Pac Man like maze when the tables can suddenly turn on those doing the chasing..

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