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Pastor Kristen Glass Perez, director of the pantry,

Avoid Children to Play in Afternoon Irrespective of the weather, there is no impact on children’s amusement and activities, as it is their summer holidays over which they have every right to play and take advantage. But keep in mind that your child should not play during strong sunlight in afternoons and at the time of hot winds. Let the child go out in the evening time only..

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cheap jerseys Fortunately, there was infrastructure for even this unprecedented upheaval. Last semester the school’s administration launched a food pantry (MULE Community Cupboard) and emergency fund grants to address financial hardships and food insecurity on campus. Pastor Kristen Glass Perez, director of the pantry, said, “We are able to respond to the needs of our students who remain on campus because we already had the MULE Cabinet.”. cheap jerseys

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