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“Now our regional studies have now stopped and it’s

Good luck.This column was only made aware of these stand alone suburban stairs by Martin Leonard who stumbled upon them while recently stepping out along the walking track which runs through Hughes alongside the Federal Golf Course.”Adjacent to the stairway is what appears to be a paved surface,” reports Leonard. “The pavers are very worn, so I’m guessing they are many decades old.”Last week my two primary school aged girls enjoyed searching for the stairs. Park at the end of Downes Place in Hughes and follow the track that fringes the gold course in a northerly direction for about 250 metres.

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canadian goose jacket The series of stories, which showed Canberra motorists were being gouged at the bowser, prompted Mr Barr to establish an ACT Assembly committee to inquire into the issue. He also ordered the territory competition watchdog to conduct its own analysis of the ACT fuel prices, and the factors contributing to them. “It appears the scrutiny of the ICRC and the extraordinary powers it holds to compel companies to hand over financial records has made a difference to the prices being charged to Canberra motorists,” Mr Barr said. canadian goose jacket

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canada goose “If there are issues that are identified that are within the control of the ACT government, and there may be some, the obvious one will be in relation to the number of petrol station sites that could be released in the future and their location, where we have influence on that, noting again that in this jurisdiction we don tend to have petrol stations on major roads,” he said. The Canberra Liberals also welcomed what it called Mr Barr “newfound interest” in trying to reduce petrol prices in Canberra. “The ACT has got limited powers when it comes to controlling fuel prices, but there are certainly some things that we can,” opposition leader Alistair Coe said.In a one line response on Monday, a Costco spokesman confirmed it would “like to add more pumps in the future”.”To improve service and quicker filling times, we are introducing faster software for Tap and Go transactions,” he said.Mr Sims welcomed the announcement from the ACT government on Sunday that it would commission an inquiry into why drivers are consistently being charged more for fuel in Canberra.ACT chief minister Andrew Barr was critical of the ACCC, saying he had asked the commission to use its investigative powers to “undertake a deep dive analysis” of why the petrol market was failing in Canberra.But Mr Sims said the ACCC, while it would contribute to the inquiry in any way it could, would not be undertaking its own investigation into Canberra.He said it had recently completed four investigations into regional cities, and had a good understanding of the reasons behind discrepancies in fuel prices.”We’ve got a pretty good understanding of why prices in some areas are the size they are, and I think we understand why Canberra prices are as high as they are,” he said.”Now our regional studies have now stopped and it’s really as much a resourcing question, but I think the bigger issue is, what would it achieve?”We feel we sort of know the answers, and we’re happy to provide all that to the inquiry, we’ll cooperate fully with whatever information we can provide and whatever perspectives.”I think trying to put some local pressure on is really the best way to deal with this as a first step.”He said thanks to the presence of Costco, Canberra also had the widest price range of any city in the country, but there was enough of range between the highest and lowest priced to be able to send a message through consumption.”There are many places where there’s quite a difference in the price of fuel, and I think if people do keep some eye on that and just buy from the cheaper one of the two or three you’ve got to choose from on the way home, that starts to send signals,” he said canada goose.

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