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He also likes the toughness Rahmon and Smith bring

One bonus is that he gets to see DJs that he wouldn’t otherwise and they get to see him. The first weekend, he says, he kept it pretty minimal, using his phone and computer to broadcast his set. But after seeing what others were doing making references to the pandemic by wearing a mask or spraying disinfectant, using elaborate lighting and video projections, and filming in dramatic settings such as Benally’s performance in front of the Utah bluffs Beaver decided to up his game.

Altmann was an 82 year old grandmother living in Cheviot Hills in 1998 when she enlisted Schoenberg, an attorney who was the son of a friend, to investigate the Nazi theft of her Jewish family’s Klimt collection. The collection included Klimt’s famous “Portrait of Adele Bloch Bauer,” hanging in the Austrian National Gallery. Supreme Court which ruled that the case could go forward.

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Juniors Angie Baltazar (5 8) and Amy Walkenhorst (6 5) are the other two returning starters. Coach Dave Gainey said Walkenhorst’s offensive game is quickly improving to match her defensive prowess. He also likes the toughness Rahmon and Smith bring to the roster.

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