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Thoughts change over time even when we think they

Wait a second, you might object, we certainly can and will blame the pitcher if as with Santana’s no hitter he walks numerous batters, or if he hits a batter with a pitch and so gives him a base. Yes. But what’s telling here is that, at least in traditional baseball thinking, the batter himself gets no credit for walking or getting hit by a pitch; these don’t even counts as “at bats.” If the batter deserves no credit for accomplishing something, then surely the pitcher can’t be blamed for what the batter actually does.

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Tax dollars plummet: In the event you didn’t know, the City of Brook Park’s April tax receipts are down by $700,000 and 14 city employees have volunteered to be laid off until July 31, with an estimated savings to the city of $117,000. It’s likely that the city won’t know the true impact of its income tax losses until Oct. 1..

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