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6 : Sam Curran to Brathwaite, On a length on middle,

The fielder chases it and does well to stop it. The batsmen get two runs.12.3 : Dom Bess to Joseph, Floated delivery on off, Joseph defends it out.12.2 : Dom Bess to Joseph, Flighted delivery on middle, Joseph blocks it well.12.1 : Dom Bess to Joseph, Tossed up delivery on off, Joseph drives it back towards the bowler.11.6 : Sam Curran to Brathwaite, On a length on middle, Brathwaite flicks it towards the leg side.11.5 : Sam Curran to Brathwaite, Good length delivery on off, Kraigg keeps it out.11.4 : Sam Curran to Brathwaite, On a good length on off, Brathwaite blocks it off the back foot.11.3 : Sam Curran to Joseph, Length delivery on leg, Joseph flicks it towards fine leg for a single.11.2 : Sam Curran to Joseph, Good length delivery outside off, Joseph shoulders arms to this one.11.1 : Sam Curran to Joseph, On a length on middle, Joseph flicks it through mid wicket. The batsmen get two runs.10.6 : Dom Bess to Joseph, On off, Joseph drives it through covers.

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