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We offer world-class plastic lined systems manufactured by Hi-Tech Applicator [An ISO 9001 certified company].

Range of products: Lined Pipes and Pipe Fittings, All types of Lined Valves and Sheet lining.

Lining materials: PTFE, PFA, FEP, PVDF, ETFE, PP, HDPE and PEEK


Hi-Tech lined piping comprises a seamless, thermally locked plastic liner fitted in to a ASTM A 106, Sch-40 steel pipe. A unique process compensates for thermal expansion and contraction. This thermal equilibrium prevents fatigue cracking failure between the tube and flared section of the liner. The Hi-Tech liners guarantees optimal protection against permeation and vacuum. Jacketed pipes are also offered for specific application.

Pipe Fittings and Accessories:

Utilizing well-proven and specialized techniques of transfer molding , interference fit lining, Hi-Tech ensures that all fittings maintain vacuum resistance. All fittings are seamless in construction and are provided with sufficient lock grooves to hold the lining firmly against bulging due to vacuum. Jacketed fittings are also offered for specific application.

Dip Pipes and Spargers: PTFE lined Dip Pipes and spargers are offered in different sizes and lengths.

1. Ball Valves: Unique design with integral ball, full bore, glandless, maintenance Free. Sizes: Up to 8” NB.
2. Plug Valves: Two way, Jacketed and non-jacketed. Up to 6” NB.
3. Globe Valves: Unique design with Bellow seal arrangement.
4. Sampling Valves and Strainers for specific application.
5. Butterfly Valves: Wafer and Lug design. Up to 2

Sheet Lining: Sheet lining of PTFE, FEP, and PVDF etc. up to 3.0 mm thickness in chemical equipments like tanks, column stirrer, filter and vessels is also offered