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Maybe if they are driving a rental car from CA and

Little tackles the incredibly powerful idea that there are three forces that shape our personality.The first are what Dr. Little calls our biogenic sources: the genetic, evolutionary and biochemical processes that affect us. This is our first nature, that which we do spontaneously and naturally from our first day of life.There are also sociogenic forces, which are the environmental factors that influence and encompass our behaviour, for example, our parents and our culture.

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Look around. The tallest building in the world is now in Dubai. The world’s richest man is Mexican, and its largest publicly traded corporation is Chinese. You can spin it all you wan’t, but they do have that right and on top of that can be sued by their area residents to enforce it, if they deem it to be not a priority. I haven’t yet figured out where people ever got that idea. Maybe if they are driving a rental car from CA and have a DL from another state but I’d think that’s kinda expected? I can remember driving a rental from Las Vegas that had CA plates, etc.

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