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In addition, many older constituents don’t have

The Swiss Restaurant and Pub has a t shirt available on the Tacoma Strong website. The restaurant has called Tacoma home for 27 years. Now that the business is struggling due to the COVID 19 pandemic, the community is stepping up to make sure it stays open for many more years to come..

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wholesale nfl jerseys Normally, bilingual canvassers with SEAMAAC would show constituents how to fill out the forms in person while translating in real time, which has become nearly impossible to do by text or phone.In addition, many older constituents don’t have internet access at home, so they can’t request a ballot. (The deadline to request one is Tuesday, May 26.)This is the first time Pennsylvania is allowing voters to apply for mail in or absentee ballots without providing a reason. In past years, the option has been limited to people with disabilities or illness who physically couldn’t get to a polling station.Implementing a new voting system would have been challenging even without the pandemic, especially in a presidential election when turnout is higher, said Ben Geffen, a staff attorney at the Public Interest Law Center, who noted that more than 600,000 mail in ballot applications have been filed so far across the state.”There’s a demonstrated concern that there will be a backlog of requests election officials won’t get to in time,” he said.There’s still a glimmer of hope wholesale nfl jerseys.

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