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The following Q A comes from a Belle Curve podcast interview with Dr. Neil Lamb, vice president for educational outreach at HudsonAlpha and creator of the popular “Shareable Science” explainer videos about the pandemic.Note: Lamb’s answers are shortened, edited and paraphrased in places for clarity and brevity. For the entire interview, please listen to the full podcast episode.Q: What is the most important pandemic information we need to know right now?Lamb: “I think there are five key points.

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Susan and Ken ofOceanview Home Garden are on the show to sum up the 2019 growing season, talk trends, fall lawn and garden care, and spotlight what can still be planted now. Craig joins Niki for one last tomato talk before they wrap the show for winter. They also chat about Craig’s straw bale beds and hear about the new varieties he grew this year.

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