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China started banning certain scrap imports partly

We stayed at a two unit villa a kilometer from the center of Ubud, literally nestled between rice fields. We loved it. The access is actually a walking/moped path and is not wide enough for even small cars. China started banning certain scrap imports partly because of complaints that the United States was shipping “contaminated” and poorly sorted recyclables, and also because of internal changes in the Chinese economy and waste management systems. Recycling plants to fill the void. Nonetheless, scrap waste is piling up in warehouses and parking lots.

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If you regard that last perspective as an overstatement, think of what is at stake here. Drafted in the second round of the 2010 draft, Gronkowski signed a four year contract for $4.4 million. Since that time, his 28 touchdowns rank second to only Houston running back Arian Foster (30) and Philadelphia running back LeSean McCoy (29).

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