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At museums, gift shops are also limited to 50

Did he read the Walker Op ed and how much does the cares act help the state? Cares funding has been very helpful but they still need more federal assistance. The state is struggling financially. The federal government needs to step up and help those industries affected but also protect the workers as well..

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cheap jerseys That doesn’t mean things will be back to normal. A return to school could mean staggered class schedules, no large lectures, and a variety of public cheap jerseys health measures interwoven into campus life. Several schools, including the University of South Carolina and Notre Dame, have adjusted the academic calendar so the fall semester will end before Thanksgiving, possibly ahead of an expected winter resurgence on the virus.Other universities have decided to keep campuses closed in the fall. cheap jerseys

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Theaters should increase cleaning time period between events, performances wholesale jerseys and showings to ensure that commonly touched areas such as arm rests and railings are cleaned frequently. Ushers should monitor and enforce social distancing in theaters. At museums, gift shops are also limited to 50 percent capacity.

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