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Plastic vibes aren’t a high pick for internal use or

Follow CNNThe ancient Games were held between, at least, 776 BC and 393 AD.2000 Synchronized diving and women’s water polo are added to the Olympics in Sydney. Synchronized swimming is altered again to include both team and duet competition.2008 A 10km swimming race, in open water rather than a pool, debuts at the Olympics. Both men and women compete.1900 Archery is added to the Olympic Games in Paris.1912 Archery is excluded from the Olympics in Stockholm.1920 The last time archery appears in the Olympics until 1972.1972 Archery is added back into the Olympic competition in Munich, Germany.1988 Team archery is added to the Olympics in Seoul, South Korea.1992 The Olympic Round archery format is established at the Olympics in Barcelona, Spain.Athletics (Track Field):776 BC Athletics are part of the first ancient Olympic Games in Greece.1896 Athletics are part of the first modern Olympics in Athens.

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