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McCormick was as dominant as ever this year on the

But the risk for resurgence is high in some parts of the country, especially in places where cases are already rising fast, including the counties of Crawford, Iowa; Colfax, Neb.; and Texas, Okla. And the city of Richmond. Since May 3, Crawford County’s caseload has risen by 750 percent, and Colfax County’s has increased 1,390 percent, according to state data compiled by The Washington Post..

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wholesale jerseys from china McCormick was named the Nevada state winner of the Dave Schultz High School Excellence Award as announced by the National Wrestling Hall of Fame. McCormick is eligible for the regional and national awards, which will be announced on May 21 and May 28.McCormick was as dominant as ever this year on the mat and was arguably the most dominant in the 3A. During the postseason, he pinned all his opponents, including his final opponent of his career. wholesale jerseys from china

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