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I have seen you answer a question similar to this

He wasn’t declaring that Iowa was going back to work on that date unilaterally. But some took it as that. Just as with Arkansas’ AD saying practice will begin in mid July and a Minnesota regent saying he doesn’t believe there will be students on campus in the fall..

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But as someone who read Vollman’s 2018 book first, I still benefitted from ordering the 2016 “Stat Shot” hey, “Star Wars” fans like prequels too, right? and would recommend it for any of us who want to understand how top flight NHL front offices are leveraging advanced metrics. Vollman opens with how and why he gravitated to hockey analytics, then dives right into defining the NHL salary cap (not nearly as dry a topic as some think). He builds a good part of the book on the best way to build a contending team by “projecting a player’s expected value over the life of his contract relative to expected cost in cap space.”.

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