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Anxiety I’m depressed and need help Who do I talk to for help My parents don’t understand my feelings How to get rid of an alcoholic I want to commit suicide How can I increase my self respect? Completely Depressed Lost Can a little girl be sikick her whole life? I love my grandma but she is acting weird Can I get a protective order for my kids and yself against my sister? Ligament damage no one to take care of Battered wives Am I a virgin if I was raped? Is it illegal for my ex husband sabotage my condoms? Depression Not really a Question Trouble loving myself Sister depressed about not knowing her dad. Should I take time out for myself? Friendship troubles I dream of my brother dying in my car and I cannot cry for him in my dream Depression and money Is it normal to feel blue, depress, sad before I have period? Is my husband abusive or am I imagining it. My dad hates me for driving on the lawn How can I deal with extreme sadness over my son’s depression problems? Lost interest in life Am I a psycho? What dose my dream mean? My b/f needs spiritual freedom from his parents, help! How do I no if I’m being haunted? Why am I so worried? I want to die young Who do I tell? I need to talk Should I do anything? Looking for the lady that sat beside me on AC flight 152 from Vancouver to Toronto I need some advice.

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