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“A slew of controversies preceded this latest

A mask isn’t going to stop that.”A slew of controversies preceded this latest presidential foray to the Wolverine State. The Ford tour technically came in violation of Whitmer’s emergency order to avoid tours of manufacturing plants, and Ford noted its policies required mask use. Trump, of course, would not commit to doing so.threatened to cut off funds to Michigan because of alleged (and likely nonexistent) voter fraud; the president falsely claimed that Secretary Of State Jocelyn Benson was mailing absentee ballots to voters.

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wholesale nfl jerseys from china When I was a kid, I thought the calendar delineations of the seasons were nonsense. I still do. For most of the world they are appropriate, but not in the mountains. There is little partisan disagreement over vaccines in general: 83 percent of Americans consider childhood vaccines either “somewhat” or “very” safe, and more than 80 percent of Democrats, independents and Republicans share this view. The same goes for concerns over the safety of “fast tracking” the vaccine through the typical research and regulatory process: 73 percent of Americans are at least somewhat concerned, with little difference by party affiliation.But when it comes to actually getting vaccinated, Clinton voters are nearly 30 points more likely to say they will (72 percent) than Trump voters (44 percent). A majority of Trump voters say either that they plan to skip the shot (29 percent) or that they aren’t sure (27 percent), even though the president himself has been pushing hard for a vaccine.As a result, only half of Americans (50 percent) now say they intend to get vaccinated “if and when a coronavirus vaccine becomes available,” with nearly a quarter (23 percent) saying they won’t a 5 point decline in the percentage of “yes” responses and a 4 point gain in the percentage of “no” responses since the previous Yahoo News/YouGov survey two weeks ago. wholesale nfl jerseys from china

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